Business owners: protecting your people will never be the

Expectations of your company's role in keeping employees, customers, students, staff, patients and more healthy are rising.

Your liability risk is increasing.

The velocity of regulatory change is stressing your business in ways you never anticipated.

Rules, advice, best practices, expectations, social pressure... it is all changing by the day.

Global Virus Pass is a 3-in-1 health risk management solution for businesses, universities, schools, healthcare facilities and more.

Learn how Global Virus Pass can reduce the risk of workplace health issues.

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Introducing GVP's Product Suite:


Access Management


Gain trust that you are managing health risks with consistent and transparent measures. 

COVID-19 Testing Solutions


Bring your people back safely. Global Virus Pass will allow them to order tests, enter test results and review results - all within the app.

Contact Tracing


Alert your people promptly in the case of a potential exposure to limit the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. Notifications available through iPhone or Android app, or by email.