New Partnership: Predictive Safety

Predictive Safety, the maker of AlertMeter and PRISM, fatigue and alertness management software has partnered with Global Virus Pass, an app that provides virus screening and mitigation that was recognized and applauded by Google and Apple. By joining forces, the two companies can now offer a quick and effective way for businesses to ensure their workers are not infected or exposed to COVID-19, not suffering from illness or other alertness issues, and are ready to work.  

This partnership has come amidst rapidly increasing demand for health risk management within modern workplace safety programs. With the global COVID-19 threat and its impact on businesses worldwide, Predictive Safety and Global Virus Pass saw an opportunity to integrate employee health and alertness into workplace safety objectives. 

"Our partnership with Predictive Safety is an excellent opportunity to protect the health of workers across the globe on a large scale,” said Craig Scott, the CEO of Global Virus Pass. “Workforces in every industry are constantly impacted by new threats, such as COVID-19, that impact business operations, their supply chains and ultimately their bottom lines. The novel coronavirus isn't the first health threat we've seen, and it certainly won't be the last."

While Global Virus Pass is a comprehensive app that provides virus awareness, verification, and mitigation, AlertMeter has been added as a 60-second cognitive alertness test that will also identify worker cognitive impairments due to common issues such as fatigue, emotional distress, drug and alcohol use. The combination offers companies a way to integrate the multiple aspects of employee health and mental alertness into workplace safety objectives.

“This year has been a tough year for everyone, and many companies have scrambled to put together a process that allows them to welcome their workers back into a safe environment,” said Carol Setters, VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Predictive Safety. “Working with Global Virus Pass, our 60-second fit-for-work test can now be used alongside everything else needed to confirm the health and cognitive alertness of employees and contractors quickly and efficiently.” 

The Global Virus Pass with AlertMeter is being offered to all Predictive Safety clients, especially those with workers coming on-site regularly who need to be screened. Other locations where this application is being used include municipalities and public organizations such as schools and colleges to keep all workplaces safe and healthy.
Current customers and interested parties can contact Predictive Safety directly or schedule a demo via their website to learn more.

About Predictive Safety 

Predictive Safety SRP, Inc. is a Colorado-based technology company founded with the mission to improve workplace safety, mitigate risk, and boost productivity by addressing worker fatigue and cognitive impairment. Their two SaaS-based applications, PRISM and AlertMeter, help manage workplace fatigue and identify workers who are struggling to stay alert due to fatigue, illness, substance use, or emotional distress.  For more information, please visit their website at

About Global Virus Pass

Global Virus Pass is a 3-in-1 health risk management solution that allows businesses, educators, and groups across many industries to move forward safely during COVID-19 or any other circumstance. Their SaaS technology provides employers with a “paperless,” digitized solution to pre-screen workers for health risk prior to worksite access. Businesses are now enabled to make informed, timely decisions regarding site access and daily work assignments. Global Virus Pass offers a single application for users to manage their virus verifications for work, school and travel. Global Virus Pass' number one goal is to help protect the most important asset of an organization, its people, so that they can continue to operate efficiently and safely and to serve customers effectively. For more information, please visit their website at